Philly woman offers children for sex on Kik

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In the past I have posted stories about how suspects have been busted by police posing online as parents offering their children for sex. One of the arguments I get from the pedo-defenders is that there aren’t really parents online offering their kids for sex. Well, federal investigators might disagree.

32-year-old Christine Yoder of Philly was arrested for allegedly offering her children, ages 6 years and 16 months, for sex over the instant messaging app Kik. Investigators say she was also willing to give her children away to any pedo who wanted them and would send them explicit photos of her kids.

In one correspondence, she allegedly wrote, “I don’t want any contact after u take her.”

Yoder described to the man the size of clothing he would need to buy for the child and told him she hoped he would get the girl pregnant one day so she could be a grandmother.

So yes, people like this do actually exist.

UPDATE 4/25/2015: Back in March Yoder pleaded guilty and is facing 15 to life. Sentencing is scheduled for early June.

UPDATE 10/21/2015: Yoder was sentenced to 25 years behind bars.

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