The Blacklist: Add Livejournal To The Mix

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I decided to do some more digging and decided to target Livejournal after another Steve Huff entry. I came across a community on Livejournal that had this as their statement…

This is a members-only community for people willing to discuss childlove rationally.

The words childlove and rationally do not belong in the same sentence ever. Unless it’s something along the lines of “It’s rationally understandable to want the courts to execute people involved in childlove”. Now let me quote you one of the sick bastards entries…

My mother and I are in a relationship that began when I was thirteen. It certainly doesn’t seem to have had an adverse effect on my life, as I’ve never had substance abuse problems, I finished college and am now teaching. The only bad thing I can see is that I do not get to spend the night with her, as we have two children and have not told them of our relationship yet.
Speaking of, my daughter is ten years old and the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I am sort of anxious to tell her about our mother and me in hopes that we could start a relationship. My son is five and just darling 🙂 Just wanted to introduce myself to the community.

Not only is this sick freak a teacher but he admittedly wants to engage in sexual acts with his own daughter.

You can contact Livejournal here. For my regular readers if you leave a comment I’ll email you the name of the LJ community if you want to contact LJ as well.

Now I even cross-post on LJ myself so I say to my friends reading this on my Livejournal, is this the kind of blog/journal host you want to be associated with? I urge you to contact LJ as well.

If I don’t get a reasonable answer from Livejournal soon I will no longer be cross posting there.

The Blacklist: Peodophiles are Sub-Human

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Steve Huff has been on a roll as of late and I’ve got his back. Thursday he did another post about pedophile blogs and message boards In that entry Steve posted a response from a pedophile to one of his other entries. Here are some quotes from the pedophile scumbag…

There’s all that, and there’s the fact that most of us (not all — we have several active non-pedophile members) are capable of being attracted to, and falling in love with, children or adolescents.

Steve didn’t post a link to the message board but he did send it to me and in doing some browsing I found that it’s hosted by a free forum host that let’s anyone create a message board. The host is called Forum Bolt. While browsing the first message board that Steve mentioned I found another pedophiles message board that Forum Bolt hosts. I have contacted Forum Bolt but I have yet to hear back from them. You can post in their own forum here. Or if you want to do a more direct contacting here is the whois info for Forum Bolt.

Still no response from Xanga.
Still no response from Blogsome.

I have an idea on how to get a response from them.

If you know a Xanga user post a comment on their site telling them that Xanga has pedophile blogrings and post a link to here or here.

If you know a Blogsome user do the same thing except post links to here or here.

Maybe when enough people complain or they get enough bad publicity they’ll do something about it.

Diary of a Pedophile Hater

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Steve Huff is at it again. Shining the light of justice into the darkest corners of the internet. Man did that sound cheesy. I kind of sounded like The Tick just then. Anyway, Steve has discovered some more blogs run by pedophiles. This time from the host Blogsome. Here’s a snippet from the blog in question…

Boylove is about unselfishness, our own feelings come after our young friend’s feelings and we are there to help them, to give them somebody to talk to, a mature and responsible figure to admire and look up to. Many boylovers participate in mentoring programs and such because we only want to help. We would not want to do anything detrimental to a boy’s health, but rather aid his development. The common myth that a boylover is a man lurking around the playground with pockets full of candy is wrong. There are more boylovers out there than you think: teachers, doctors, lawyers, politicians…

Of course I’m not going to link tot he actual blog but trust me, I’ve seen it and it disgusted me. The guy even has pictures of little boys in bathing suits on his blog.

Hopefully since Blogsome is based in Ireland they actually will take steps to do something about it because I know the Irish people have a low tolerance for this kind of thing.

Still no word from Xanga.

The Blacklist: Pedophile Haters Unite

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I haven’t done a Blacklist entry in a long time. They were mostly political. Ever since I’ve been focused on the “crimeblogging” I’ve been shying away from politics. However Steve Huff did an entry today about a pedophiles’ webring over at Xanga. Let me give you a taste of what Steve had to say…

I’ve been debating even writing this blog entry because there are two sides to the idea of linking anything to do with these blogs, none of them all that obvious as to what their owners are at first. I decided that to link individual blogs wouldn’t be a good idea, but I was so disturbed by the following that I felt I had to at least make the reader aware — particularly if you are a parent to a child who might be old enough to show an interest in blogging. Until yesterday I had no idea such a thing could even exist — pedophile blogrings.

Steve goes on to give a vivid description of some of the members blogs. Rather than rehash that here I suggest you read his entry. What sickens me most about this is that Xanga for the most part is used by kids and teens. And while Steve did a great entry about this cancer that exists on the internet I’m going to try to do him one better. The Blacklist isn’t about talk. It’s about action. I am going to contact Xanga to see if they are aware of these blogrings and if they’re man enough to do anything about it.

I’ll let you know if I get any response. You can contact Xanga about abuse here.