The Pedophile’s Playground

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Pedophiles trolling in MySpace raise alarm:

Just another local news article, this time from Houston, about how MySpace is a pedophile’s playground…

MySpace is the Studio 54 for the Internet set. And just like the seminal disco-era nightclub, MySpace has transcended being a place ”to see and be seen” and become a cultural benchmark.

But there are no bouncers guarding the Internet. Locally, there have been two arrests in underage sex cases, and nationwide, the site has been linked to probes involving a variety of crimes, including exposing minors to pornography and even murder. On Thursday, Connecticut authorities said they arrested two men on allegations of having sexual contact with minors they met through the site.

Locally, a 26-year-old Houston man was charged with sexual assault of a child, accused of luring a 15-year-old League City girl away from home in January after meeting through MySpace.

Also in January, another teen from League City met a 38-year-old man on the site who began sending sexually explicit messages. The girl told her father, who went to police. Robert Alan Wise was arrested after arriving at what he thought was a meeting with the girl but was a trap set by police.

And for the “no surprise” portion of the article…

Telephoned requests to the Santa Monica, Calif.-based headquarters of MySpace seeking comment were not answered.

Go figure.

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