Man arrested for posting teen girl's nude pics on MySpace

Arlington teen’s nude photos posted on MySpace:

An unnamed 18-year-old has been arrested by police in Washington for posting the nude pics of a 14-year-old Arlington, WA girl on MySpace and threatening the girl.

ā€œIā€™m not gonna ever leave you alone til your dead,ā€ one of the messages said, according to a search warrant filed in Snohomish Superior Court.

The man allegedly demanded the girl take nude pictures of herself and send them to him. He then posted the pictures on MySpace pages on the Internet, police said.

What a freakin’ tool. I hope his offenses are made well-known while he’s in lock up.

And for you sick freaks who are looking for the pics I have it on good authority they can be found here.

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3 thoughts on “Man arrested for posting teen girl's nude pics on MySpace

  1. Angel

    You just couldn’t resist that last comment, could you? LMAO. I wonder how many will actually go there to see them? Hahahahahahaha


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