Stop sharing the Cody Wright picture on Facebook

3/2017: UPDATE: There’s still no evidence any of this happened, but I’ve posted a new entry about how Facebook refuses to remove the picture.

1/2017 UPDATE: Let me save you some time since this is making the rounds again on Facebook. There still have been no criminal charges filed. The police do not currently have any arrest warrants out. Just because your friend’s uncle’s cousin’s roommate said it was true doesn’t make it so. If a crime has been committed, by reposting this picture on Facebook you’re actually impeding the investigation. In short, stop being a dumbass.


(Original post 12/30/2015)

So I regrettably open up Facebook this morning and I’m greeted with this photo posted by way too many people who should know better.


I can almost guarantee that this is a hoax.

First off the earliest I found this posted to Facebook was December 18th. That’s over a week ago, I would imagine that in that time if these allegations were true someone would have notified the police about this. According to the Manchester Police Department’s website a Cody Wright is not currently on the run (pdf) nor is someone by that name in custody anywhere in the state of New Hampshire. There are currently no news articles in New Hampshire or anywhere else mentioning any crimes committed by a Cody Wright. Nothing about it anywhere of importance in the past 12 days except the cackling hen-house that is Facebook.

More than likely you’re spreading the photo of an innocent man. If you think there’s no harm in doing that I’ll remind you about Chad Michael Lesko who was accused of child rape on Facebook. That turned out to be false but not after he and his mother received thousands of death threats. It turned out that the post was started by a friend of a woman he broke up with. That could very well be the same situation with the alleged Mr. Wright.

Even if this story turns out to be true, which I almost guaran-damn-tee it isn’t, let the police do their job. By posting and reposting this meme saying that he should be found before the cops find him could potentially ruin any chance of prosecution.

I know too many of you believe Facebook is the truth and the way and the light but it wouldn’t kill you to get off of Zuckerberg’s teat every once in a while and think for your damn self.

UPDATE 1/9/2016: I was going through some Facebook posts about the situation to see if anything new has developed and lo and behold I found this. It seems that there may have been a response by the Manchester PD after all…


The release from Manchester PD goes as follows…



To: Press

11 December 2015

A picture has surfaced on social media, specifically on Facebook of a child with injuries.

The Manchester Police Department is currently investigating as to whether or not there is a criminal aspect to the case.

We as an agency would not and did not submit or post these photographs. Furthermore, the investigation remains in its infantile stage and no one is wanted at this time.

So this response was made a day after the original picture went up yet that still didn’t stop the yokels from organizing a Facebook lynch mob that is still reposting the picture as if it’s gospel.

UPDATE 1/25/2016: Once again the Manchester Emergency Alert Center has reached out to the Manchester, NH, police and this is how they responded.

We received a response from Juvenile Services stating that there is an investigation but as stated earlier, no active warrants have been issued. No new information is being released. They did praise MEAC for reaching out and for not promoting erroneous information being spread on social media. We would also like to thank those followers who did reach out to us for answers before jumping on the bandwagon. The MPD will do their job and if there is a crime, those responsible will be held accountable.

It can also be found at this link.

However I wanted to stress this point, “The MPD will do their job and if there is a crime, those responsible will be held accountable.”

So again, if a crime has been committed let the police handle it.

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150 thoughts on “Stop sharing the Cody Wright picture on Facebook

      1. worldofpain

        I just want to meet you Cody, maybe l8night in an abandoned ally with as many wankstas you want to bring, I’ll bring the gangsters and we’ll toast one.. oh yeah anywhere anytime

    1. Craig

      So I read as far as I could and I have figured out that there are “retards”, “morons”, “assholes”, “trolls” and “tough guys” in this discussion but still not sure if the originsl story is true. Is there any where else besides here where I can verify the legitimacy of this story…….you know without being called names etc….

    2. chris

      Wow. Ive read through most of the comments and it seems people forget what they say.first the person on this page first says he believes this is a hoax. Then family comes forward says no its not. Now its about the investigation. As I work closely with police I can tell you as far as open investigations, they tend to lie to the public. And its their right to do so. As far as most wanted lists go’s. Hello. They don’t put everyone on there.duh.john q public can’t ask questions regarding open investigations and think they are getting an honest response. Not to mention there is a minor child. Smh….however I do agree with the fact we should not repost anything except the fact he is wanted for questions.

  1. Richard Bro Britton

    First of all it isn’t a fucken hoax. I know personally. Second of all you fuckers that think it is come see me.

    1. Derrick Lee

      First of all, learn how to spell. Second, you’re a real “tough guy” on the internet, yet you fail to post your location so that the people you ask to “come see you” know where to go. Another coward hiding behind a keyboard.

      1. CC

        Exactly. And if he’s so tough, where was he when the child was being harmed. And why hasn’t he “went to see” the accused??? SMH….

  2. Scottyballistic

    I know for a fact this is true as it is my brothers grand daughter you shit bags. The mother has already been brought to court. The girl is only 3 years old and is traumatized. They are still under investigation. My brother was awarded custody of her by the state while they investigate. I have personal pictures of her in the hospital and recovering. I even have a video thanking me and friends for gifts supporting her and making sure she had a wonderful Christmas. YOU are the problem with the Internet …. This is not a hoax

    1. Trench Reynolds Post author

      So I’m the problem with the internet, not a bunch a of bloodthirsty would be vigilantes? You do realize that if anyone even so much as touches him it could ruin any chance of prosecution?

      Also is not traumatizing to have this girl’s picture plastered all over the internet so her alleged abuse can be repeatedly experienced over and over again?

    2. mozzy jackson

      Scott Beique, I have spoken to the guy on Facebook last night whose facebook is being posted everywhere. This guy
      (redacted) Is this the guy you say did it? Your nephew or whatever he is to you? Cos the police musn’t be doing a very good job if he’s answering people on facebook and they can’t find him? Or is this guy on this facebook innocent and not the guy who you say did it, and putting out a name has led to an innocent man being hunted by vigilantes? Please reply.

    3. uramoron

      Stfu dumbass. It is a hoax. You don’t have shit. Your a big talking ketboad warrior fucking moron

    4. Tia


  3. ??????????

    This is fucking real i know the family personally and its so fucked up too see this artical?? if you think this a lie then you can go fuck yourself and die scumbags ?

  4. mozzy jackson

    So how am I able to speak to the guy via facebook? The guy whose facebook page has been posted everywhere? By idiots like this (redacted) Wouldn’t he be locked up if this was true?

        1. Sean

          Define tough guy…your bff Cunty wright a tough guy…words & fists are very diff…dont exspect you sure your keyboard is your octagon….

  5. Bons

    This is NOT a hoax… This is my neice. And the cops are looking for this asshole whinhas gone into hiding. Please get all the facts before you post some stupid bullshit like this. Facts like not only did he blacken her eyes but also put cigarettes out on her feet. You outta be ashamed of yourself.

    1. Trench Reynolds Post author

      That’s all well and good but by posting ‘He better pray the cops catch him’ and ‘Let’s make him famous’ is encouraging nothing more than lynch mobs. And as I’ve mentioned before if someone does find him before the police it could jeopardize the entire investigation.

      What you could have done is posted his picture and said if anyone has seen him to call police.

      By the way which police department is looking for him?

        1. The Boss

          If the MOTHER and FATHER are both in hiding and suspected of this, why only release his name and picture? I smell BS.

  6. Bones

    And the fact that you admit that you can ALMOST guarantee means you don’t have all the facts. Get em….please. Cause this is no hoax… You sir are a fuckin retard….

        1. Ben

          Despite the high levels of fanaticism, sensationalism, and cynicism, there is clearly an element of truth to these accusations. I live in the area and I can tell you that, while there has been no warrant issued, (lack of evidence) this little girl is real. Her mother’s boyfriend Is Cody Wright, and this is his picture. These are 3 facts. Other facts include that these injuries are real and there is an investigation. Do with that what you will. I don’t like to speculate.

    1. Julie

      That almost guarantee it’s a hoax caught my eye too. Seems as though this could just be a bunch of “trash talking.”

  7. Jesse James

    So why doesn’t everyone just use their heads here. First off it is not a hoax. I know for a fact it’s not. And no he is not in custody and there are not any arrest warrants for his or the child’s mothers at the moment. Just so all you doubters understand how this all works

    1. Whenever there is a suspicion of child abuse, whether there are physical signs or not an investigation will take place before any arrest are made, unless the abuse was witnessed by law enforcement.

    2. The name(s) of abused children or the alleged perpetrator will not be released to the public for safety of all the individuals involved and the integrity of the investigation. The investigation can take day, weeks or even months. The state will not bring charges until they believe they have enough evidence for the charges to stick.

    In this case the child has already been removed from the home and temporarily custody has been granted to a family member of which a thorough background check was done before handing the little girl over to the family member.

    So if any of you think this is a HOAX you might want to rethink you statements until you know all the facts. By doing so makes you look ignorant. In case you don’t know what it means to be ignorant…..

    a : destitute of knowledge or education also : lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified
    b : resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence

    And as far as the cackling hen house goes and misleading information…… isn’t that what you are doing here as well “Trench Reynolds?” What you are doing with this report is no different than anyone else is on Facebook.

    A true journalist always confirms his information and sources before publishing it.

    1. Trench Reynolds Post author

      The name(s) of abused children or the alleged perpetrator will not be released to the public for safety of all the individuals involved and the integrity of the investigation.

      Yet here is everyone posting the names of the alleged perpetrator all over Facebook and the picture of the victim with enough identifying information that it wouldn’t be too hard to determine the victim’s name. I’m sure if asked investigators would advise that this is not the way to get justice.

      By jeopardizing the investigation you’re doing a great disservice to the victim.

  8. Jim

    I don’t believe that this guy wouldn’t be in custody or under police investigation if there was as much evidence of harm as these (supposed) family members suggest. I know each state has different abuse laws, but my own children are a perfect example of how the system works. My oldest, Jacob, was found with both clavicles broken and his upper lip split wide open. When doctors and authorities questioned his bio parents about what happened, they claimed he was clumsy… He was 6 weeks old.
    I have in my possession every document by both medical personnel who treated Jake, police records, and courts. It’s a virtual encycopedia on my son’s first 3 months of life.
    What I learned from reading every form, is that nobody really learned exactly what happened. A straight answer was never acquired. I also learned from other sources that while the bio father was quick to anger and abused the bio mom, it was the bio mom that abused Jake. The bio grandmother puts on a great show, but sources suggest she too is an abuser. Daniel (my youngest son) was never suffered into their care, and all of the bio family quickly signed off their rights to the boys. However, the bio father found himself in prison for 15 years, without any known or documented evidence that he was actually the guilty abuser.
    So! FB justice aside, these people who claim to be family to the little girl are not offering anything of substance that real justice can use to make a case.
    I am all for justice, especially when a baby is abused, but you need more than anger to make a case. You also may want to read ALL of what Trench had to say on the subject, rather than stoping when you felt he was siding with the accused. It also helps to know Trench’s history on true crime and his OCD of searching out any and all evidence to alleviate as much editorializing as possible. However, he tends to lean towards guilt more often than not. So for me, a regular reader of his blog over the past 15 years, it’s something to see when he sides closer with the accused than not. PROVE the guy beat up the kid, and Trench will withdraw everything short of the Internet Lynch Mobs. I’d bet anything on it.

  9. ash

    Wow wait a min.. The hell they don’t.. Suspected child abuse means its not easily proven as in you suspect but no evidence to prove.. According to the photo its more then suspect.. Usually at this time the police will go in there and arrest on child abuse child neglect injury to a child an a battery of other things.. They don’t calmly sit by while the police pass it off to the local DCF…. Again what’s the name of the police department. Someone may know someone may someone who has a good tip lead or hint that could lead to an arrest. Don’t dance arrest this question answer it

  10. zappacrappa

    I saw it on the Internet, it must be true!

    Yeah. Because the world isn’t full of vindictive people. How hard is it to post of photo of an ex husband/boyfriend/wife, etc., along with a photo showing something they allegedly did or just a fabricated allegation of something they did all for the purpose of making their life hell? Not very. And the indignant Facebook knee jerk zombies will jump right on board and share. Never once crossing their mind that they have no proof of anything. Just some anonymous Facebook post that’s been shared 20,000 times by like dull minded Facebook perusers with their collective indignant panties in a bunch.

      1. zappacrappa

        And all those people would vehemently deny that they are sheep. But the collective, unthinking herd mentality displayed on a daily basis on Facebook alone proves otherwise. They are why 30 second political ads get idiots elected to office.

  11. Laura

    I have known families that have had young ones murdered, beaten and when pictures like this little girl were available to police, the abuser was usually on the front page of the newspaper…even if they weren’t formerly charged yet at times, it would say “so and so” are in suspicion and being questioned at this time, no formal charges have been made.
    I could find no article, or no police wanted list whatsoever. Until someone shows me a link to actual proof of this guy being the culprit of this little girl’s bruises…I would never share this all over Facebook. I also wouldn’t share this little girls face either. When she is older and ever does a search on herself (as most teens and even adults do) it may harm her healing process. Im all for getting the bad guy, and I’m repulsed by child abusers and molesters, rapists, murderers.. But we have to understand that people can so easily Facebook frame others as these monsters, for their own sick gain and personal motives, vendettas. Its best to let the police do the work..and if they ask the public for help.. Share THAT. Share the article where they are looking for the perpetrator..share the article where the guy is found that did it.. Vent your disgust then, and only then. Don’t feed into the bullshit. Facebook is not real life. But it can very easily ruin lives. It may be a great saving tool..for lost kids, lost pets, long lost adopted kids searching for biological parents and vice versa..but it can also be very very damaging.

  12. Ettercap

    I can guarantee this is not a hoax, he is not some random stranger linked to a horrendous picture he is the boyfriend of the girls mother… want proof?

    Here is the mothers profile:
    (Trench’s note: Redacted)

    Just scroll down there’s pictures of them together and of course her with her daughter, he actually had a Facebook himself but it has since been deleted very soon after the incident occured I may add.

    Notice she also hasn’t posted since the incident occured, she may have already been taken into custody and may be already in the process of being prosecuted, whether or not police believe Cody is involved I don’t claim to know.

    What is fact is that he is the mothers boyfriend he deleted his Facebook account soon after the incident occured and went into hiding the little girl being beaten is absolutely no hoax and this Trench Reynolds wrote this having done no prior research and with no evidence and he attempts to unjustifiably clear a possible suspect.

    See I’m actually from Manchester, NH I actually have met these people and know people who have visited that little girl in the hospital, what do you have to back any of your guarantees up? Oh yeah that’s right NOTHING.

    Now I’m not going to pretend I know for certain he did it but any person in there right mind should agree that the boyfriend of a suspected abusive mother who’s child goes into the hospital with a bruised head and eyes and cigarette burns on her feet should atleast be a suspect in the criminal case anyone who disagrees? Well their opinion isn’t really worth even that of the filth at the bottom of a Porta potty.

    1. Trench Reynolds Post author

      Hey, that’s great. Let’s post more information so the victim can be identified.

      So what does that Facebook prove? That she had a Facebook? I’m pretty sure that’s not against the law. And again I found no record of arrest, warrant or any court appearance using the mother’s name either.

      And you know people who visited the girl? Were they friends of friends by any chance? Maybe those friends of friends were also there at the hospital the night someone had a gerbil removed from their colon.

      Also I have a standing rule that I do not allow the Facebook pages of suspects to be posted in the comments so that their friends and family don’t get harassed by a bunch of uneducated hicks, but obviously you and your ‘friends’ in Manchester don’t give a shit about that since you’ll post any kind of bullshit on Facebook,

      1. Ettercap

        I respect your decision, however your article is wrong and you know it, he is not some uknown miscellaneous man, he is definitely a possible suspect. Your article is wildly irresponsible equally as irresponsible as the lynch mob facebook post, there is plenty of evidence to say he’s a suspect alongside the mother in the crime.

        I didn’t request anyone harass the individuals all I said is what was related to what happened and the actual FACTS. I did not share the little Lynch mob facebook post myself as I think your right in that’s it’s not justified and I believe in our police department to take care of such matters and bring justice for the victims to the perpetrators.

        A crime happened, a little girl was admitted to the hospital with a bruised up face a cigarette burns on her feet this is something I know is fact. So you believe what exactly? She did it to herself there is no possibility of the mother or her boyfriend?

        You would make for a terrible detective yes let’s all believe that a 3yo girl put cigarettes out on her own feet and bashed her own face in. It sounds more like you must have been the one who was “gerbilling” which might I add is a ludicrous and childish thing to post in response and I would never in my right mind post something as vulgar and moronic especially in response to this case talk about downright disrespectful.

        You just can’t come to admit that there is a high likelihood that her mother and boyfriend are probable suspects, why because what that would make your silly blog post wrong? I’m not convicting anyone here just saying the possibilities if you read my original post as a conviction it’s your own personal disposition deceiving you.

        1. Trench Reynolds Post author

          he is definitely a possible suspect

          Sorry but I have to point out the oxymoron that is ‘definitely possible’.

          I reply with a more succinct response. There is literally no tangible evidence right now that either he or the mother are any kind of suspects. No police reports, no news articles, nothing. Just because someone posts it on facebook doesn’t make it fact.

          If, and that’s a mighty big if, documentation were to be resented to me to show otherwise not only will I remove these posts but I will also write extensively about their prosecution.

          However having said that I will never reverse my position that posting his and the alleged victim’s picture is doing anything but interfering with a criminal investigation, if one is currently ongoing.

          1. Ettercap

            In jest saying “I reply with a more succinct response.” and then replying in a lengthy couple of paragraphs is similarly a paradox.
            Many other critiques and corrections could also be made to what either of us said but they have very little to do with the validity of both the differing facts and opinions we bring.

            The truth is not all crimes committed are reported, many cases of child abuse take years to uncover if ever, even if no evidence is presented a crime remains a crime if there is a victim in which this case there is. I’m not validating the Facebook posts which merely are people who seek to gain attention from “what they would do” to the alleged offender. It’s no better to assume the whole thing is a hoax argumentatively based solely on the response of such ludicrous individuals, it’s hypocritical to say that the interjection of the mob is any less interfering with the case then the claim that it’s a hoax by an article neither side has the evidence to “guarentee” such claims.

            I don’t hold animosity towards you nor the people spreading the Facebook mob post as it’s human nature to be selfish and assume ones own opinion is correct. The people spreading the post probably put very little effort and thought into it as it’s more of a regiment then anything, rarely do you find somone who puts serious thought into their posts, I don’t presume to know your intentions behind this article you seem like a rational enough individual but this article has motives of it’s own that take the high stake risk as does the Facebook posts of being wrong and interfering with a serious investigation.

  13. MC Giggity

    This is the original source of the info. Talk to this woman for the facts.

    (Trench’s Note: Again redacted. No Facebook profiles allowed.)

    1. Laura

      If this woman knows the facts, why has she not gone to the police? Why have the police not posted “the facts” .. Which in any community .. Means a newspaper. Child abuse this severe, is not quietly swept under a rug. If she is being truthful, then why just tell Facebook and not the police?

  14. alpha runt

    (Name redacted) is the one who initially implicated cody wright .
    according to manchester p.d. they believe (if this happened) it happened in another state

  15. Roy aenigma

    Keely Simpson05 gen 2016+2

    I found out that yes this is true but you guys don’t have facts cuz Cody deleted his Facebook page as soon as shit hit the fan so no that’s same Cody that you linked. My Space is correct, address is correct. His name is Cody Wright. I do not know the dude but met someone on Facebook that knew him and no he is not the father of the little girl. It was his girlfriends daughter. Him and the girlfriend are drug addicts. Her grandfather has custody of her now and victim is safe now. He’s a loser, tried to tell people that she fell off a coffee table. So many no -facts passed around. Sad. This is still an active investigation with CPS and MPD. One of the child family member made the original post with both his and baby photo and somehow it got changed and played out telephone effect. Hopefully soon he is brought to justice as no child should ever be abused 

    1. Trench Reynolds Post author

      I do not know the dude but met someone on Facebook that knew him

      Ooooohh then it absolutely must be true. I also find it ironic that you’re worried about being harassed yet you have no problem posting the picture and threatening to dox someone. Thanks for that by the way so if someone is doxxed I’ll have this record for authorities,.

    2. Jordanimal

      You posted a bad link on your “internet vigilante” google + . the facebook page you posted is my friends music page he made back in 2009 . we live on the west coast of canada and are being bombarded with hate and threats because you don’t look into anything before posting . the only people worse than you are the retards are sharing it .

  16. Roy aenigma

    Roy aenigma

    +mozzy jackson We all are waiting for your public excuse here to have tried to discredit me all the brothers and the investigation we started about this monster. You have to make a public excuse here and ASAP and if you got for real to the police and denounced me and the rest of the people here I would rather you to take everything away and this right now because this can have big consequencies for you. Your excuse? 

      1. ammyanneammyanne

        Thank you for your site, and for stopping the insane accusations of those who know nothing.

        I have been the victim of mob mentality in the past – pre-internet – and it affected me to the point of PTSD and chronic nightmares for the past 25 years. Unyieldingly.

        I can’t believe that no one can see how easy it is to make up a lie about someone. I will never buy into anything like this without some form of proof because of my horrific experiences, and I hope the people who seem to think it’s ok to ruin someone’s life based upon rumours never have to be on the receiving end of such, as I would never wish it upon my worst enemy.

        For those of you who seem to think that people who require truth when something so heinous is plastered all over the internet equates to endorsing child abuse? I’m against all abuse, including the abuse perpetrated towards a stranger on the internet, and the abuse dealt out to me – I was only 13 when my life was shattered, somewhat irrevocably.

        Please check out the website too, if you find that you’re the sort who falls for emotionally-charged urban legends frequently.

        If this fellow turns out to be guilty? Then he’s a monster who must be dealt with by the justice system. But until then? It’s apparent that those who are most prone to acting abusively towards others are completely blind to their own fallacies.

  17. Laura

    The whole point Trench was trying to make, was how easy Facebook can get out of control without any report on a person. There is no media source, police report, wanted lists, or even a report saying this person is being looked into and it is an active investigation. And even if we had that, a person is innocent until proven guilty. Nobody here is trying to protect a child abuser whatsoer, we are here defending the voiceless people that at times, are framed by others for their own personal agendas. If Cody did this, the right thing to do is have the court decide his fate. This little girl will not get her justice by people spreading this over and over, or by people getting their hands on him before the police do. Now I do understand, why one would be angry if a child was simply put to live with someone else, and police for some reason didn’t have enough to get him, and he did do it. But the better thing to do here, rather than post on facebook, is call DCF, the police, everyone involved and ask WHY he has not been arrested.Keep the state on it and looking into it. it’s just hard to believe they would just move her and do nothing.

    1. Trench Reynolds Post author

      Forget it Laura. It’s like trying to talk to a brain damaged brick wall. They don’t want to discuss facts just they’re fake feelings of being harassed.

  18. Roberto Raimondo

    What both Trench Reynolds and this Mozzarella Jackson are doing here is just the try to get public attention by using a viral post! No one of both trolls here were working one second at this case and after I doxed Cody and the post got viral suddenly everyone want take part of the discussion same in which form! Fact is that Mozzarella Jackson is harassing and threatening me everywhere by trying to discredit me! I think sometimes people have just to shut the fuck off instead of harassing people just for the EGO to do it! Mozzarella Jackson got trapped with a fake profile at gplus and with a kid as cover which for us as pedohunter is sign of red alert! I trapped her iP and location and will follow the dox soon when she don’t stop ASAP to get my attention everywhere! I’m still waiting for her apologizes and as you can see she vanished again has someone told her finally that the story is true! Ashame you

    1. Trench Reynolds Post author

      You’re a special kind of stupid with no sense of irony.

      You and your lynch mob friends are harassing a man could very well be innocent. If anyone is trying to get public attention it’s you and your idiot friends. You should be discredited. No wait, you need to actually have credit first before you can be discredited. If I were MJ you’d be waiting for a cold day in hell before you ever received an apology. Doxxing and online harassment, which you obviously feel free to admit to, are the true signs of a troll. You’re nothing more than a prototypical example of everything that’s wrong with Facebook users.

  19. Laura

    Yeah I thought we were all talking about what’s right for this little girl, having basic understanding of the law, human rights and online gossiping… Guess more gossiping was all that he grasped. Society is in so much trouble when we have things like this happening. Its so funny that the exact same thing we are discussing, just happened in our very own discussion. Smh… I give up.

  20. Trench Reynolds Post author

    So I got this e-mail today…

    Listen here dumbass I know Cody wright and that little girl her name is (Redacted) and this is very much true both Cody and (Redacted)‘s mother are both massive druggies that don’t give a flying fuck about that little girl so sorry to tell you but that picture is correct

    Time: January 7, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    I love how these assclowns have no problem throwing out the girl’s name. Still no actual facts.

    1. Sean

      What u exspect pencil dick…u won t let it be…u want facts…well your gettin them..dont start bs with people..then when they respond…u cry….

  21. Laura

    Its funny, Us dumbasses never said the picture wasn’t real, or Cody didn’t do it…we said without any proof, as in legal documents, people shouldn’t flood Facebook with it. We also have tried to protect this little girl numerous times..but less intellient people have thrown her name, well as other names and links to Facebook pages in posts over and over, which cause MORE harm to this child. Yes. Her picture is real, and so is his.. We get it, these aren’t cartoon people or figments of our imagination.. Her abuse is real… Who did it? Possibly Cody, possibly YOU, (how do you like getting thrown under the boss without any proof??) we don’t know who did it because gossip proves nothing, and your claims prove nothing without proper back up. And if that’s because the police weren’t notified, because people would rather post it on Facebook and “take care of it themselves.” ..then shame on them. That’s not justice for this little girl.. That’s filling some other void they have. Tough guys.. (or gals).. Look SO tough behind that computer. Hehe.

      1. Laura

        That’s for sure. That’s why it was up on Facebook (without any legal links) in the first place.

  22. Nikki

    Unbelievable! Hope the little girl gets justice against whoever did this to her. Any kind of abuse usually is done by family or a close family friend.

  23. Trench Reynolds Post author

    Got the following e-mail…

    Unfortunately this little girl was actually abused. Weither or not he did it, the true part of the story is she was in the hospital for very serious injurys. That her mothers and him claim she received from falling off the couch and hitting her head off the coffee table. There is some truth behind the first story that was posted from the grandmother of the child.

    Not ripping the sender too much however people are still way top eager to give out identifying information about the victim.

  24. Laura

    Let’s all just try to have a little faith in the police department, and hope she gets her justice. If there was any truth to her being moved away from potential suspects, then we can all hope she is getting the care and love that she deserves. Many suspects give bogus stories as to what happened, opposed to what really did, like “baby fell, I slipped with child in my arms, etc, etc.” but rarely does child welfare services and police department let these excuses fly. If this happened in December, it could take some time to make an arrest. A child from my hometown was abused and eventually died from his injuries, and it actually took a little bit of time to put the parents away. (for life.) but they did it…and because the police department took their time getting all of the facts straight, it will keep them in jail for good. Nobody wants to send anybody to court on murder or child abuse charges and not have all the facts. That’s why it is so important for everyone to stay out of the way, don’t post pictures or information and hinder the investigation.

  25. hallmonitor1

    I really want to believe this story, but the ridiculous grammar and pitiful spelling is making it hard to read. Also, take note: throwing four curse words in every sentence DOES NOT make you sound credible, intelligent, or even the least bit tough. It makes you look like a stupid liar, who is made because the got caught in a lie. It’s going to be sad if this is in fact true, and no one believed you because they didn’t want to read your obscenity-laced posts.

  26. Harold H

    All these commenters calling the author out because the guy is anonymous have missed the point entirely. Whether or not this guy is actually involved, it isn’t our place to say. We don’t know more than the investigating authorities do. 99% of the people spreading this libel likely did no background checking of their own – even on the offchance this guy is actually found guilty, he could just as easily have been uninvolved for all the research we personally did. that could just as easily be your picture next to some beaten up child with some text over it, once people realize just how easy it is to get the masses riled up.

  27. Reality

    Youre forgetting the day and age we live in… dont give someone butt hurt… u might hurt someones feelings… sorry its spilling into everything.

  28. familiarfeline

    I am not sure if in the many comments above it has been noted – this is Manchester in the UK, not NH. Not sure if he has been apprehended yet, or not. It shouldn’t appear on a social media site, but I understand that the British police are still looking for him.

    1. ablestmage

      Can you reference a news article or link that states police are looking for this person in Manchester UK? How do you know the British police are searching for him?

  29. Laura

    Just as before (when he was from NEW HAMPSHIRE) there are no articles for him being charged in any abuse, anywhere. That I can see or find…. Wow, if you are so sure this is UK, then perhaps you should have spoken up sooner for this poor guy here in New Hampshire that’s being depicted as a child abuser….. Unless, once again this is one last attempt to make the guy (who is from New Hampshire!!) look guilty still. So strange that a guy from Manchester New hampshire, was being painted as an abuser with no credible links, and now suddenly he is a guy from Manchester New Hampshire who abused this little girl in Manchester UK. Especially when her mom’s Facebook profile was from NEW HAMPSHIRE as well… Maybe they were visiting UK when it what are the odds.

  30. Troll who doesn't get it

    Noooo! There is a photo of them in panels that proves that what I saw on the Internet is real! All opposing views are just Monsanto rubes who were behind 9/11.

  31. Albany Dog

    I still don’t know if it is real or not. Everyone that says its real claims to be a close relative and yet not one of them has given any proof or told us the actual location or given us contact information for the police.
    Including this “Roy Rogers” guy is only interested in is being right and being the one that gets this guy beat to shit, not giving out facts or truth and saying horrid things to and about everyone else.

  32. Jackiemsv

    Is there an update on the little girl? I don’t care the how or the why it happened. Just wanted to know if she is ok. I live in Ontario (Canada) and the Lynch mobb has made it this far….(I hate when people start that crap). I have read some of the comments on here and wow! Unreal the back and forth nonsense. We all have the right to our own opinions. The guy who OWNS this blog posted his opinions and people are attacking him? I’m not saying he’s right or wrong, but come on people it’s his opinion and he deserves that as do all of you. Leave him alone and find a different article that you do like and comment on that one. Leave this guy alone. Sorry for my rant just people peeve me off sometimes.

  33. Laura

    I haven’t seen any updates on the little girl, and we probably won’t even if someone is arrested for doing it..the state will most likely keep her info completely out of it…other than the abuse inflicted. If there is any truth to what some of the posters have said here, she is with a grandparent now and safe. The best thing that I have been doing, is every time I see a friend share this on Facebook (which is 3 times now) is I copy this link into their comments section. Most have deleted their post when they read it. As far as trench goes and the rest of the world..we aren’t allowed to have opinions apparently without being attacked. People want others,, and FORCE, threaten others to conform to what they believe and will do so at any cost. Its very sad.

  34. Pink Zebra

    …Wouldn’t mind but the excessive sharing is just ridiculous…this happened in Manchester, New Hampshire? Well I live in the UK and its been shared over here, I’m currently doing my degree in Early Years and Childhood studies, and I don’t understand if the little girls information is being protected… Why post the photo of her? Its absolutely sickening what’s happened to her…but not entirely convinced that he did it…

  35. Marianne

    So the child is injured but there are inconsistencies in the story of how she was injured? No wonder people believe its true. Look at the girl. She clearly didn’t fall off the swing. Everybody knows how battery cases get down played by the people involved so no one goes to jail because out of fear or false sense of love or finance. Forget the damn rent, somebody needs to help that girl. Somebody definately beat her.

    1. Trench Reynolds Post author

      If the gossip is to be believed she is in the custody of other family members.

  36. Rev Deaconess

    This is most definitely a CPS case and after reading many posts on here it leads me to wonder how many actually know and understand how they operate? With police involvement (as badly as this child was abused) police and CPS will not tell anyone anything about a case let alone put this man on a wanted list. CPS will stall the investigation for months trying to reunify the mother with the child, for Federal funding while everyone gets paid (to include the police department) while this child is held in limbo and even possible forced to face her abuser at visitation. “In the best interest of the child” it is best to expose these kinds of cases because CPS is taking children that should not be taken and leaving innocent children in harms way to be abused like this poor child that had CPS and the police stepped in sooner would not be looking at years of therapy and or drugs to deal with life. Months later this is still circulating around Facebook without a word to the fact that the man responsible has been in front of the Judge, if you ask me they are not doing their job in my opinion for the “Best Interest of this Child”! Many Blessings

  37. Trench Swallows

    Just because no files were charged does not mean he is innocent.Everyone can have there own opinion.

  38. Lady Gray

    And the difference between files being charged (like with a lightning bolt? a credit card? some sort of energy drink?) and charges being filed, you Trench-wanna-be-but-alas-you’re-only-a-troll, and a stupid troll at that. Lolol ?

  39. Tinkerbell

    I was a victim of a violent assault, nearly losing my life. My offender was investigated for months, even after the police had overwhelming evidence against him. It’s now been 2 years since he was finally arrested and he just took a plea bargain. The law moves slow. There were many times, before he was arrested, that he denied doing it (that was before he knew about the evidence), he tried suing me in a civil lawsuit saying I beat him up (another lie), the lack of swift action within the justice system made me look like the lair because he was out on bail for 2 years, and living his life, before shit went down and people started knowing the truth. I lived in hell for 2 years, amd finally people are offering to listen to my story and believe me (too late!). In the end, truth always wins.

    I don’t know if this sorry is a hoax or not, and I don’t know if this guy is guilty, but I’m sure not going to defend his innocence, like some people are doing here. Defending his innocence is as bad as stating he is guilty, because you demean every victim of crime that was not initially believed. Stop defending him and stop condemning him. If you don’t know the true facts, refrain from opening your foolish mouths until you do.

  40. Nate

    All I know is true justice is not putting the asshole in some prison cell to sit around for a year or so eating for free, hanging out playing cards, watching tv, reading books, buying snacks cuz ur mom put money on ur books, and sleeping all the time until u are released. Real justice for that little girl would be finding whoever is truly at fault and smashing their fucking face in with a baseball bat and I would love to be the one chosen to dish out true justice. All the rest of u idiots that think tossing some asshole in jail is justice ur fucking retards I’ve been to jail it ain’t shit it’s just time that’s not a real punishment not for douche bags that beat and rape and murder, no they all need an eye for an eye and nothing less

  41. Sean

    I dont know if the story is true, but i know there is a child who has been seriously harmed. Thoes bruises look real to me and someone should be held accountable

    1. Jane

      I know this child and I know these pictures of her are real. I don’t know who did it but it’s fact that someone almost killed this child. She was 2 at the time. Thankfully she lives with a relative that loves her and will protect her from this ever happening again. If Cody did do this then he needs to meet Karma. How anyone could do this to this child is unbelievable. She is a sweet, beautiful child.

  42. Richard A Conley

    2 years later and it is still circling the internet. Just saw someone repost it today.Must take a long time to investigate eh?

  43. Jade

    It’s true. It’s all true. Cody wright did this. Trench Reynolds might not have an arrest warrant for proof. Last I knew Cody is in Hillsborough county house of corrections.

  44. Jade

    Not sure exactly when he went in or when he was arrested. He made it known to a family member he was in jail. This story is true. I brought her to the hospital. I’m her grandfather.

  45. Jade

    My daughter has custody and they both live with me. Police closed the case lack of witness. The cops questioned him the day I took her to the hospital and they couldn’t get him to talk and let him go. When I saw him on Memorial Day 2016 he ran from me. Last time I checked innocent people don’t run. When I caught up to him he told me he didn’t do it. I told him she told me you did His face turned white and two days later he was in Tennessee with is daddy. Ran like a scared little girl. Would an innocent person do that. No they wouldn’t. So you can stop saying this is a hoax. You can take her pic of this site to. I know for a fact you didn’t get permission to put it on there.

    1. Trench Reynolds Post author

      So you even if you are who you claim to be, you admit that there were no criminal charges pressed against him.

      He may be running since his face was plastered all over Facebook like some kind of bounty poster.

      Lastly, at least I took the time to try to conceal the girl’s identity, whereas I’m sure the person whoever posted the picture first probably didn’t get Cody Wright’s permission. And without any actual proof, he could probably sue that person for libel. You wouldn’t happen to know who the original poster was would you?

  46. Jade

    That’s right no charges. That’s right he should run. Yes I do know the girls name who posted it and no I’m not putting it out on here sorry. There is a process with lawyers to go they with this person. I do appreciate that you took the time to try and have that’s pic removed but calling this story a hoax for the last two years is a joke. Cody Wright is a child abuser whether you like it or not. If you lived thru the shit I have in the last two years you wouldn’t be saying half the shit to the people who posted comments like you do. Have some respect calling your follower knuckle draggers that’s not cool these people are expressing how they feel and you gave them the tool to do it

    1. Trench Reynolds Post author

      The girl’s name, huh? That narrows it down and I now know who the original poster was.

      But getting back to the original point. Even if he is a child abuser, what is supposed to be gained by posting this picture with accusations that can’t be proven?

  47. Jade

    I had nothing to do with his pic being posted. I was telling people to stop sharing it as well. He original poster is the one you need to ask. All I have to do is listen to my little granddaughter talk about what he did to know he did it. Innocent people don’t run down the street or across country.

  48. Jade

    He was the only one there that day with her. Mom was at work. If mom did do that why did dcyf give her back to her. She not saying mom hurt me. She says Cody hurt me.


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