In February of 2006, I started a website called MyCrimeSpace because of all the crime that was happening through social media. In 2011, since MySpace was already past their decline I felt the MyCrimeSpace name wasn’t relevant anymore so I folded MCS into one of my other sites.

Now with social networks and apps being even more in the forefront of our culture today, I felt these stories required a new website with a singular focus. That site is what you see here today in Social Mayhem. This site even stretches back to the time when social networks were still in their infancy and mobile apps were still years away.

(Trench Reynolds is a 17-year independent crime, news and opinion blogger from Topeka, Kansas, who has been featured in TIME and Rolling Stone and has appeared on CNN’s AC 360 and CBS’ 48 Hours. He is assisted in his work by editor and proofreader Lady Gray.)

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